Environmental Studies

The Herbarium At AUNE

Collection: Plants of the Alpine Zone

Specimen ID Family Name Scientific Name USDA Common Name Collection Site Image
6331BetulaceaeBetula glandulosaresin birchMt. Adamsimage is available
6332BetulaceaeBetula glandulosaresin birchMt Adamsimage is available
6333CyperaceaeCarex bigelowiiBigelow's sedgeimage is available
6334CyperaceaeCarex canescenssilvery sedgeHoh Rain Forestimage is available
6335CyperaceaeCarex magellanica ssp. irriguaboreal bog sedgeimage is available
6336CyperaceaeTrichophorum cespitosumtufted bulrushStorm Lake, Mt. Madisonimage is available
6337EricaceaeKalmia polifoliabog laurelMt. Adamsimage is available
6338EricaceaeVaccinium cespitosumdwarf billberryMt. Adamsimage is available
6339JuncaceaeJuncus filiformisthread rushNorth of Edmund's Colimage is available
6340JuncaceaeJuncus trifidushighland rushimage is available
6341JuncaceaeLuzula spicataspiked woodrushMadison Hut groundsimage is available
6342LiliaceaeStreptopus amplexifoliusclaspleaf twistedstalkMt. Adamsimage is available
6343PoaceaeAgrostis mertensiinorthern bentgrassimage is available
6344PoaceaeCalamagrostis canadensis var. canadensisbluejointimage is available
6345RosaceaeRubus pubescensdwarf red blackberryEdmund's Colimage is available

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