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Search Results: Geraniaceae

Specimen ID Family Name Scientific Name USDA Common Name Collection Site Collection Image
3974GeraniaceaeErodium cicutariumredstem stork's billVoucherimage is available
2870GeraniaceaeGeranium bicknelliiBicknell's cranesbillMt. TomVoucherimage is available
4091GeraniaceaeGeranium maculatumspotted geraniumHarris CenterVoucherimage is available
2871GeraniaceaeGeranium pratensemeadow geraniumVoucherimage is available
364GeraniaceaeGeranium robertianumRobert geraniumFall Herbaceousimage is available
4340GeraniaceaeGeranium robertianumRobert geraniumRocky HillsideVoucherimage is available

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