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Search Results: Acer negundo

Specimen ID Family Name Scientific Name USDA Common Name Collection Site Collection Image
615SapindaceaeAcer negundoboxelderWoody Plants in Winterimage is available
894SapindaceaeAcer negundoboxelderWetland Floraimage is available
1891SapindaceaeAcer negundoboxelderVoucherimage is available
4655SapindaceaeAcer negundoboxelderRiver Rd.Voucherimage is available
4659SapindaceaeAcer negundoboxelderRiver Rd.Flora Classimage is available
4660SapindaceaeAcer negundoboxelderRiver Rd.Flora Classimage is available
4661SapindaceaeAcer negundoboxelderRiver Rd.Woody Plants in Summerimage is available

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