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Specimen ID Family Name Scientific Name USDA Common Name Collection Site Collection Image
621SapindaceaeAcer spicatummountain mapleWoody Plants in Winter
1934SapindaceaeAcer spicatummountain mapleVoucher
1935SapindaceaeAcer spicatummountain mapleVoucher
1936SapindaceaeAcer spicatummountain mapleWest HillVoucher
4668SapindaceaeAcer spicatummountain mapleGates Rd.Woody Plants in Summer
4680SapindaceaeAcer spicatummountain mapleGates Rd.Voucher
4681SapindaceaeAcer spicatummountain mapleGates Rd.Flora Class
4682SapindaceaeAcer spicatummountain mapleGates Rd.Flora Class
4805SapindaceaeAcer spicatummountain mapleMount MoosilaukeMount Moosilauke
6280SapindaceaeAcer spicatummountain mapleMount MonadnockMount Monadnock

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