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Search Results: Aronia melanocarpa

Specimen ID Family Name Scientific Name USDA Common Name Collection Site Collection Image
118RosaceaeAronia melanocarpablack chokeberryWoody Plants in Summer
721RosaceaeAronia melanocarpablack chokeberryWoody Plants in Winter
3483RosaceaeAronia melanocarpablack chokeberryVoucher 
3484RosaceaeAronia melanocarpablack chokeberryK, WM, MC, HCVoucher 
3485RosaceaeAronia melanocarpablack chokeberryVoucher 
3487RosaceaeAronia melanocarpablack chokeberryK, MC, WM, HCVoucher 
3923RosaceaeAronia melanocarpablack chokeberryDillant Hopkins AirportWetland Flora
4217RosaceaeAronia melanocarpablack chokeberryVoucher 
6128RosaceaeAronia melanocarpablack chokeberryMount MonadnockMount Monadnock 

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