Environmental Studies

The Herbarium At AUNE

Specimen ID Family Name Scientific Name USDA Common Name Collection Site Collection Image
189BignoniaceaeCatalpa speciosanorthern catalpaWoody Plants in Summerimage is available
642BignoniaceaeCatalpa speciosanorthern catalpaWoody Plants in Winterimage is available
965BignoniaceaeCatalpa speciosanorthern catalpaRobin Hood ParkWetland Floraimage is available
2274BignoniaceaeCatalpa speciosanorthern catalpaVoucherimage is available
3881BignoniaceaeCatalpa speciosanorthern catalpaFitzgerald LakeVoucherimage is available
4284BignoniaceaeCatalpa speciosanorthern catalpaRt. 101Woody Plants in Summerimage is available

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