Environmental Studies

The Herbarium At AUNE

Specimen ID Family Name Scientific Name USDA Common Name Collection Site Collection Image
824FagaceaeFagus grandifoliaAmerican beechWoody Plants in Winterimage is available
2823FagaceaeFagus grandifoliaAmerican beechVoucherimage is available
4288FagaceaeFagus grandifoliaAmerican beechGates RoadVoucherimage is available
4363FagaceaeFagus grandifoliaAmerican beechMixed Upland WoodsVoucherimage is available
4365FagaceaeFagus grandifoliaAmerican beechMixed Upland WoodsWoody Plants in Summerimage is available
4465FagaceaeFagus grandifoliaAmerican beechDaigel Rd.Flora Classimage is available
4466FagaceaeFagus grandifoliaAmerican beechDaigel Rd.Flora Classimage is available
4839FagaceaeFagus grandifoliaAmerican beechMount MoosilaukeMount Moosilaukeimage is available
6105FagaceaeFagus grandifoliaAmerican beechMount MonadnockMount Monadnockimage is available
6381FagaceaeFagus grandifoliaAmerican beechAshuelot River TrailVoucherimage is available

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