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Search Results: Ilex mucronata

Specimen ID Family Name Scientific Name USDA Common Name Collection Site Collection Image
15AquifoliaceaeIlex mucronatacatberryPonemah BogWoody Plants in Summerimage is available
176AquifoliaceaeIlex mucronatacatberryMount MonadnockWoody Plants in Summerimage is available
629AquifoliaceaeIlex mucronatacatberryWoody Plants in Winterimage is available
912AquifoliaceaeIlex mucronatacatberryWest HillWetland Flora 
2017AquifoliaceaeIlex mucronatacatberryVoucherimage is available
2018AquifoliaceaeIlex mucronatacatberryWest HillVoucherimage is available
3904AquifoliaceaeIlex mucronatacatberryDillant Hopkins AirportWetland Flora 

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