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Search Results: Kalmia polifolia

Specimen ID Family Name Scientific Name USDA Common Name Collection Site Collection Image
59EricaceaeKalmia polifoliabog laurelTenent SwampWoody Plants in Summer
672EricaceaeKalmia polifoliabog laurelTenents SwampWoody Plants in Winter
815EricaceaeKalmia polifoliabog laurelWoody Plants in Winter
1031EricaceaeKalmia polifoliabog laurelWetland Flora
1361EricaceaeKalmia polifoliabog laurelAirport BogVoucher
2691EricaceaeKalmia polifoliabog laurelVoucher
2693EricaceaeKalmia polifoliabog laurelKeene AirportVoucher
6337EricaceaeKalmia polifoliabog laurelMt. AdamsPlants of the Alpine Zone

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