Environmental Studies

The Herbarium At AUNE

Specimen ID Family Name Scientific Name USDA Common Name Collection Site Collection Image
94LauraceaeLindera benzoinnorthern spicebushHoratio Colony PreserveWoody Plants in Summerimage is available
701LauraceaeLindera benzoinnorthern spicebushWoody Plants in Winterimage is available
1086LauraceaeLindera benzoinnorthern spicebushWetland Floraimage is available
1402LauraceaeLindera benzoinnorthern spicebushBlack Ash SwampWetland Floraimage is available
3018LauraceaeLindera benzoinnorthern spicebushVoucherimage is available
3019LauraceaeLindera benzoinnorthern spicebushVoucherimage is available
3884LauraceaeLindera benzoinnorthern spicebushFitzgerald LakeVoucherimage is available

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