Environmental Studies

The Herbarium At AUNE

Specimen ID Family Name Scientific Name USDA Common Name Collection Site Collection Image
1444OxalidaceaeOxalis montanamountain woodsorrelWhite Arrow Tr, 2400' Elev.Wetland Floraimage is available
3229OxalidaceaeOxalis montanamountain woodsorrelMt. KearsargeVoucherimage is available
4329OxalidaceaeOxalis montanamountain woodsorrelRich Deciduous ForestVoucherimage is available
4392OxalidaceaeOxalis montanamountain woodsorrelCheshire CountyVoucherimage is available
4836OxalidaceaeOxalis montanamountain woodsorrelMount MoosilaukeMount Moosilaukeimage is available
6256OxalidaceaeOxalis montanamountain woodsorrelMount MonadnockMount Monadnockimage is available

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