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Search Results: Rhamnus cathartica

Specimen ID Family Name Scientific Name USDA Common Name Collection Site Collection Image
852RhamnaceaeRhamnus catharticacommon buckthornWoody Plants in Winter
3457RhamnaceaeRhamnus catharticacommon buckthornVoucher
3458RhamnaceaeRhamnus catharticacommon buckthornWoody Plants in Winter
4509RhamnaceaeRhamnus catharticacommon buckthornTwin LakesFlora Class
4510RhamnaceaeRhamnus catharticacommon buckthornTwin LakesFlora Class
4782RhamnaceaeRhamnus catharticacommon buckthornAntiochWoody Plants in Summer
4784RhamnaceaeRhamnus catharticacommon buckthornAntiochVoucher

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