Environmental Studies

The Herbarium At AUNE

Specimen ID Family Name Scientific Name USDA Common Name Collection Site Collection Image
1243TyphaceaeSparganium americanumAmerican bur-reedWetland Floraimage is available
1505TyphaceaeSparganium americanumAmerican bur-reedTurkey PondWetland Floraimage is available
1761TyphaceaeSparganium americanumAmerican bur-reedGreat Meadows Wildlife RefugeSummer Floraimage is available
3754TyphaceaeSparganium americanumAmerican bur-reedVoucherimage is available
3756TyphaceaeSparganium americanumAmerican bur-reedMill PondVoucherimage is available
3757TyphaceaeSparganium americanumAmerican bur-reedVoucherimage is available

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