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Search Results: Swida amomum

Specimen ID Family Name Scientific Name USDA Common Name Collection Site Collection Image
659CornaceaeSwida amomumsilky dogwoodWoody Plants in Winter
1334CornaceaeSwida amomumsilky dogwoodWetland Flora
1701CornaceaeSwida amomumsilky dogwoodSummer Flora
2446CornaceaeSwida amomumsilky dogwoodSummer St.Voucher
2455CornaceaeSwida amomumsilky dogwoodVoucher
3875CornaceaeSwida amomumsilky dogwoodFitzgerald LakeVoucher
4511CornaceaeSwida amomumsilky dogwoodAntiochFlora Class
4512CornaceaeSwida amomumsilky dogwoodAntiochFlora Class
4548CornaceaeSwida amomumsilky dogwoodAntiochWoody Plants in Summer
4550CornaceaeSwida amomumsilky dogwoodAntiochVoucher
6375CornaceaeSwida amomumsilky dogwoodAntioch UniversityWoody Plants in Summer

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