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Search Results: Syringa vulgaris

Specimen ID Family Name Scientific Name USDA Common Name Collection Site Collection Image
711OleaceaeSyringa vulgariscommon lilacWoody Plants in Winter
848OleaceaeSyringa vulgariscommon lilacWoody Plants in Winter
3170OleaceaeSyringa vulgariscommon lilacVoucher
4358OleaceaeSyringa vulgariscommon lilacCultivated GardenVoucher
4393OleaceaeSyringa vulgariscommon lilacDaigel Rd.Flora Class
4394OleaceaeSyringa vulgariscommon lilacDaigel Rd.Flora Class
4602OleaceaeSyringa vulgariscommon lilacDaigel Rd.Woody Plants in Summer
4603OleaceaeSyringa vulgariscommon lilacDaigel Rd.Voucher

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