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Search Results: Ulmus americana

Specimen ID Family Name Scientific Name USDA Common Name Collection Site Collection Image
759UlmaceaeUlmus americanaAmerican elmWoody Plants in Winter
1515UlmaceaeUlmus americanaAmerican elmWetland Flora
3793UlmaceaeUlmus americanaAmerican elmRoxbury StreetVoucher
3796UlmaceaeUlmus americanaAmerican elmVoucher
4254UlmaceaeUlmus americanaAmerican elmStevens RiverVoucher
4443UlmaceaeUlmus americanaAmerican elmDaigel Rd.Flora Class
4444UlmaceaeUlmus americanaAmerican elmDaigel Rd.Flora Class
4741UlmaceaeUlmus americanaAmerican elmDaigel Rd.Woody Plants in Summer

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